2018 Calendar

January 2 – February 4 — Hot Dishes — Whether church potluck, book club or a third-grade class, our artists offer personal, tried-and-true recipes with impressive functional pottery or a shared table. Gear up with a chip and dip with to-die-for hummus, a pedestal cake plate with fabulous frosted cupcakes or a tankard with a potent punch mixer. With the Ceramic Guild


February 9 – March 4 — Family & Friends — Bring a companion, introduce them to your favorite artistry and artists at Scope Gallery and double down on the chance to win a handmade piece as part of our annual customer appreciation raffle for our loyal and creative local consumers. Potters present paired pieces and companion sets this month this celebration of togetherness with our patrons! In conjunction with the Art League Patrons Show on February 19, 4p.m. With the Kiln Club


March 5 – 31 — Finishing Flourishes: Handles, Knobs and Embellishments — Potters top work off with finishing touches, putting apparent punctuation on pots. Often exclamation points are in rolled, pulled and textured details as dramatic handles, knotty knobs and expressive elements complete clay artistry. With the Ceramic Guild


April 2 – 29 — Beasts Beyond Boundaries: Cultural Creature-centric Connections — The Animal kingdom reigns far and wide as animals reach beyond borders as critter accented work goes worldwide with influences from Europe to Eurasia and beyond. Snakes bring good fortune in South America, while birds bring happiness in countless cultures. Cats laze about on our shelves while horses stampede the gallery. Scope welcomes local T.C. Williams High School ceramics students to jury our show and present selected pieces for display. In conjunction with Bunny Fest on Saturday, March 31. With the Kiln Club


May: April 30 – June 3 — Florals and Foliage — Green is the new black as the world wakes and mother nature does a medley of moves for the Spring production. Blooms bound onto center stage while trees build to the climax. Planting season does pirouettes while herbs and other edibles do an impactful second act. Potters offer a supporting cast of salad bowls, planters and vases and artists express acres of natural inspiration. In conjunction with the Art League’s So getsu Ikebana show May 1 to 5. With the Ceramic Guild


June 4 – July 1 — Selfie: Not for Sharing Take time to treat yourself right, do some soul searching and local handmade retail therapy by selecting a treasure that reflects individualism. Test what appeals to enhance your environment and find a bauble that tickles your fancy. Just do it, only for you. Artists focus on onesies with bud vases, cups and offer the id-centric with personal use in mind. In conjunction with Art Leagues Reflections from June 5 to July 1. With the Kiln Club


July 2 – 29 — Fruity Influences  A fresh, tasty crop inspires a variety of shapes and colors as produce mixes with pottery in a refreshing blend of Summer fun. Pots echo of pears, bowls exude eggplant, wine inspires tasteful vintage vessels and dishware in stunning red is the cherry on top. In conjunction with Art League’s Tabletop show. With the Ceramic Guild


August: July 30 – September 2 — Brilliance: An Exploration of Heat and Light — Select something that sparkles, treasure a wood-fired wonder with a toasty finish or are reflective, refractive crystalline- glazed form. Warm up to candlesticks, tea light holders, lamps and lanterns. In conjunction with Art Leagues Reflections. With the Kiln Club


September 3 - 30 — Geometrics — Artists compose a shape shifting symphony with patterns and forms based on polygons and cutting edge configurations in vivid glazes. Clay offers a concerto of concentric circles, a bellaggio of boat forms and trippy tripods and triangles.
With the Kiln Club


October 1 – 28 — Beginnings & Endings — Once upon a time, there was dishware for starters and desserts in the Gallery called Scope, where the hardworking artists dreamed up ceramic works for the home. Potters and sculptors produced functional and decorative works known far and wide: Beautiful maternity sculptures embody the beginning of life, while and elegant pedestal cake plates present grand a happily ever after. With the Ceramic Guild


November: October 29 - December 2— Reframe Your Feast: Recycle Reuse— The day-after gets a do-over as excess from Thanksgiving feasting is reinvented in splendid serve ware. Cast off the corning ware and do your day-two in handmade elegance that goes from oven to table. Covered casseroles, bakers and trays class up traditional holiday hangovers while reducing the paper and plastic along with fridge overload.
With the Kiln Club


December 3 – 31 — Unity & Peace — Put controversy aside, embrace global warming by seeing the season in a worldly way for a harmonious holiday. Peace is pleasing,cooperation is key in creating an entity that is a successful melding of elements. Clay artists reflect togetherness and a blurring of boundaries galvanizing a whole. With the Ceramic Guild


Scope Gallery

Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 N. Union St.

Ground Floor, Studio 19

Alexandria, Va 22314.

Phone: 703-548-6288


10 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily

Thursday: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.


Check the Torpedo Factory website for early closings for private events at www.torpedofactory.org/todays-hours/

Scope Gallery is a cooperative gallery shared by two of the oldest ceramic organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. The Kiln Club and the Ceramic Guild alternate months in this shared space. See calendar page for 2017 gallery schedule.